Ponoka Secondary Campus is on lockdown at this hour after a disturbing video was posted online threating to harm Indigenous students.

This is very disturbing. Take a look RCMP Alberta

Posted by Arthur Green on Friday, February 28, 2020
The video which was posted on FB

Chevi Rabbitt is a Human Rights Activist.

“How are Indigenous Youth Attending Ponoka Secondary High School suppose to feel safe when they have classmates driving through neighboring reserves talking about scalping them,” Rabbit said in an interview with River Radio. “I would encourage parents to have those kids expelled! Call right now and demand that action be taken! You have rights as a parent! Use them!”

I wasnt going to send my kids to school today because of that video…but it would of created an even bigger division…

Posted by Jacqueline Buffalo on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Alberta RCMP have not confirmed the lockdown, however, River Radio will provide more information when it becomes available.

Update: A parent of one of the students says the school in now on “Hold and secure” procedure.


9 thoughts on “Ponoka Secondary High School on lockdown, after disturbing video was posted online threating to harm Indigenous students”

  1. That wasn’t a very good quote by Chevy. It almost seems like she is yelling at parents. Parents know they have rights and know they can use them in the school system. A better choice of words next time maybe? I’m also glad the school decided to take action. But following up has always been educational facilities vice. When my child was given racial slurs in school, it was brought to attention but never followed up with the offenders parents. I was told that child was suspended…it never happened. Proper mediation needs to happen.

  2. Obviously these students are not being educated about indigenous history, culture or ways of being in this school. Shame on those teachers who are just as ignorant.

    1. my school has classes and recognizes we’re on treaty 6 territory and have native speakers talk during assemblies plus Cree language classes. they’re pretty educated.

    2. It is so very handy to blame the teachers for our ignorance. Education and bigotry begin at home. The morons in the video are only following the example set by their elders.

  3. Too many oung people are learning the wrong things. Those types of violence speech are learned from adults.

    I’ve seen the decal depicting the rape of Greta. I’ve seen the decal of the train rolling through protesters. So far I’ve not seen the scalping decal.

  4. Yes, I went to public school there as Rosie Jane Gladstone and it was rascist. I had to fight for equality in elementary school. Plus, we were the only natives going to school there in the early 60s when others were going to Residential schools. Extremely hard but we befriended them after 5 years then we moved…. Residential school students were just beginning to go to Ponoka. I can only imagine what they went through 😐😐😐

  5. Not a big surprise, that these young people are so disturbed now a days! That’s all people see on social media, is everyone being a fucking racist!
    So much mental issues coming out, in this new generation!
    Parents are obviously to blame, more likely these kids were born, with fetal alcohol syndrome, or something similar? I believe a sane person, isn’t going to act, in such a savage behaviour!
    Maybe mental issues need to be addressed here?

  6. OMG!! We all say that time heals all wounds…..but does it really?? Racism is definitely alive and not well!! Omg pray again for them!!!??

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