Edmontonian Chris Sadleir will soon lace up for the journey of a lifetime.

The 45-year-old is embarking on an 11-day, 330-kilometer trek from Calgary to Edmonton, in a bid to raise $22,000 for The Lung Association of Alberta and NWT.

Although he has yet to take his first step, fundraising is already well past the halfway point, with more than $17,000 donated to the cause to date.

Sadleir’s father Rob is a double-lung transplant recipient. Submitted Image

The dollar amount is symbolic, with humans taking an average of 22,000 breaths every day. The drive behind the walk, even more symbolic. Sadleir’s father Rob is a double-lung transplant recipient, who will be behind his son every step of the way, driving the walk’s support vehicle for the entire 11-day journey, that will wind through a number of Alberta communities, gathering support with every step.

“The initiative is one thing but actually following through and the planning and the raising of sponsors, the scheduling, there’s been a lot of work for the last six months. It’s really quite impressive and we’re really proud of what he’s been doing,” Rob Sadleir said.

In addition to fundraising, Sadleir also wants to raise awareness of the need for organ donors.

“If my father didn’t have a donor, then you know, the family doesn’t have a grandpa or a father,” says Chris.

In Canada and worldwide, chronic respiratory disease ranks among the top for mortality and morbidity. This includes such common, yet widely overlooked ailments as Asthma, Sleep Apnea and Bronchitis, not to mention COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Lung Cancer, COVID-19 and so many more – yet the Lung Association receives less than one-third of the national government research funding.

Chris will take 11 days from August 7-17th and ride over 330 km (30+ km per day)

That’s 330,000+ Metres (Approx. 462,000 steps & 1,082,677 feet)

The length of 7108 Olympic swimming pools, 5830 hockey rinks and 3554 football fields.


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