Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) are great Summer fun, But if you plan on hitting the trails, The City of Fort Saskatchewan says it is important to ride safetly and follow all the rules currently in place.

“When riding an OHV, you must be at least 14 years of age if riding alone and have valid registration, insurance and a helmet,” Maryjo Webster, Acting Municipal Enforcement Supervisor said. “If you’re riding on the highway you need a operators licence, if you’re riding off the highway you do not need a licence” 

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In Fort Saskatchewan, you cannot operate an OHV on public park land within city limits this includes any bodies of water existing in or partially within the City (frozen or otherwise).

“However, operation is permitted with written approval and when loading or unloading an OHV from a trailer or vehicle,” the City stated.

If you plan on riding, don’t drink and drive. Arthur C. Green/River Radio

For more information on road safety in Alberta, please visit the Safe Roads website at

The City of Fort Saskatchewan would also like to remind drivers that Photo Laser Sites may be active at any of the following locations:

•All Playground Zones
•Highway 21 (All directions)
•Highway 15 (All directions)
•99 Avenue (East and Westbound)
•River Road (East and Westbound)
•Southfort Drive (North and Southbound)
•86 Avenue (North and Southbound)

Intersection Safety Device Systems are active at the following intersections:
•Highway 21 and Southfort Boulevard
•Highway 21 and 84 Street
•Highway 21 and Highway 15 (North and Southbound)
•Highway 15 and 101 Street
•Highway 15 and 114 Street
•99 Avenue at 95 Street

Fort Saskatchewan is a Vision Zero community and asks, “What are you doing to make our roads safer?” For more information on Vision Zero please visit

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