On September 4, members of the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP conducted targeted traffic enforcement on Highways 15 & 21, 28a & 37 and Highway 21 at 84 Street.

As a result of the targeted enforcement police conducted over 80 vehicle stops, during which a Mandatory Alcohol Screening Demand was made to the vehicle driver’s.  Subsequent to the demand, a roadside screening device was administered and all but two were found to be compliant.

Police subsequently entered into two impaired driving investigations after “failed” test results on the roadside screening device and as a result the drivers were arrested for Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Both drivers were transported to the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP Detachment and two breath samples found to be over the legal limit of .08 were obtained.

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During the operation, police executed an arrest warrant and issued 10 violation tickets for various offences including:

·Exceed maximum speed limit

·Fail to produce driver’s licence

·Exceed maximum speed limit when passing stopped emergency vehicle

The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP would like to commend the community for helping to make our roads safer.

“We will continue to showcase our commitment to visible and pro-active traffic enforcement as public safety is our number one priority,” the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP stated.


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  1. How far could it be a three month waiting list at the minimum to get a drivers license I’m sure the police are out there taking as much advantage of that as they can giving out tickets to people who can’t get a drivers license

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