First of all, there are always two sides to every story. A woman says she was recently fired from an Alberta car dealership for wearing a see-thru top, but employees of the dealership have taken to social media to state otherwise.

Caitlin Bernier says she was fired from Alberta Honda on 97 Street and 127 Ave in Edmonton for her inappropriate outfit.

“I walked into work and sat at my desk where I was immediately met by a female staff member. She had a sweater in her hand and said do you know your shirt is see-thru? You have to either put this sweater on or go home and change,” Bernier posted on social media. “She then said that the male managers are uncomfortable with what I was wearing and asked me to tell you to change or cover-up.”

Caitlin Bernier posted this photo on Facebook shortly after she was fired. Facebook

“As you can see in the photos, my shirt is not see-thru. This even happened to be the exact outfit I wore the day I was interviewed and hired by the male management,” Bernier said in the post. “I then said that I was not going to change since I felt that my outfit was appropriate and have worn the top days prior as well as for my interview and no one had said anything to me. After all, I am here to work and I should not be going home to change, which would take away from my selling. The sweater was extremely unreasonable to go over top of an already wool long sleeve when it is over +20 outside. I also expressed that I was not going to be told by any male to cover up and follow instruction when I know my outfit is fine just because they are somehow uncomfortable.”

Bernier says she went to the HR lady at the business where she agreed with her that her shirt was not see thru and was fine for work.

“I was told that when the general manager (also male) got into work then we would have a meeting, Bernier said. “The GM wasn’t going to be in for a couple of hours. I was so embarrassed and physically upset with this whole situation and felt as if all the male managers were staring at me. I ended up going home and asked them to phone me when the GM was in to have a sit-down meeting. Hours later at home I received a call from the GM and he said I heard you wore something inappropriate to work and were not following the dress code or instructions when you were told to change, so I am letting you go. Keep in mind that he never saw what I was wearing.”

An alleged employee who works at Alberta Honda took to Reddit to defend their workplace for the decision to fire Bernier. There was no name given, but the employee says in the post that it was because of Bernier’s lash out at management after being told to change.

Posted on Reddit by someone who claims they work at Alberta Honda. No name was given on the post.

It is unclear if Bernier was just being bullied and harassed at her workplace by co-workers. Was her lash out appropriate after being singled out by management?

“At work I was the only female salesperson,” Bernier wrote on Facebook. “A few days prior to this a female receptionist was wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top with no bra and was not asked to change.”

Berneir says she feels discriminated against for being the only female sales person and says she was not given the opportunity to expression of her opinion to the GM or for him to even see what she was wearing.

“Working here I have experienced sexual comments from male staff, but my top made the males uncomfortable,” Berneir wrote. “Who should really be feeling uncomfortable? I am writing this post to show that FEMALE WORKPLACE DISCRIMINATION is a real thing! Today I lost my job because I was a woman that didn’t fit into a males place of work”.

River Radio has tried to make contact with both parties involved to have some questions answered. We are waiting to hear back from them.

5 thoughts on “Woman claims she was fired for wearing a see-thru top, a mystery employee says it was for her lash out at manger”

  1. I will Stand with Alberta Honda, in her termination of this woman, she entered in the professional automotive world as the entry of any brand of sales to be and have the most professorial look and attitude.

    As it stated she only been working there for about a week, a week that she needs to uphold her personal choices vs who she representing when she entertaining customers in their wants and needs. She no longer in high school where she can get away with this with in her peers. The Dealership gave her 2 amazing options, option 1) take the sweater and cover up or 2 go home and get change. What did she do? She put up a like any 5 year old tantrum, stomp my feet and cry to get what I want. she went to HR, and told her what she wanted to hear but again I don’t believe it. and wanted to speak to the GM of the dealership, as he wasn’t in at the time than feels discriminated and went home.. and got his call as she wanted was a meeting with him,

    What I feel what happen was, she started to cause a scene in the dealership, calling out the female manager, and the males managers cursing and swearing in the showroom where everyone can hear, to get her point across… and then was sent home and wait to hear back from the GM. The GM wasn’t ready to enter his office with such news, but listen to the staff at the office to know what happen and took the responsibility to let her go and part ways. as she was a new employee and under law Canadian Laws, you can be let go from employment, with in 90 days of employment as it is called 90 day probation period of employment where you can be let go from with out cause.

    She took the wrong way in handling this, as I am sure the dealership is taking actions against her and looking at their options to proceed with legal actions against her for deformation of character and ruining a business reputation to cause financial harm.

    She can also be sued by the receptionist as there is not truth to her story about wearing nothing besides spaghetti straps dress.. and people calling in to her, and using vulgar language.

    This woman needs to retract her statement, and make a public apologies that she was never fired for her outfit more her bratty attuide that caused this on her.

    I will sate this,,, I do not work or have affiliations to this dealership, just another Sales Manager from anther dealership how has seen this before in the past..

  2. utter bullshit on the anonymous employee statement…thats just damage control at its finest…i wont shop there and will be boycotting this dealership.

  3. Girls are hyper-sexualized all through childhood & people act surprised & indignant when said girls do not understand what is or is not appropriate attire for work. Some young women innately have more common sense than others. It does not help that feminism has been overrun by men & little girls with no knowledge of actual feminism. These girls have been indoctrinated into a form of fake feminism designed by men to justify female sexual exploitation. Basically the end result is this. If a man wore the same outfit it would be inappropriate. Men are not oppressed so why do they not dress like this to work? Or mostly anywhere for that matter? (some do, but far less than women & certainly not to the office) On that basis alone her employer could win the case as it is not appropriate for men or women.

  4. I think everyone should boycott Alberta Honda Iam from Red Deer this is bullshit and unfair firing this young lady she was well dressed well Iam a bussiness man and this is offal

  5. Bullies work at this dealership and scum nazis. Boycott at all cost. I’m disgusted with these rats treating a women like a dog. I will never ever go here again for a tune up.

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