The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department made quick work of a car fire this morning in the parking lot of Original Joe’s restaurant.

Arthur C. Green/River Radio

Shortly before 10:30 a.m. on Oct 20th, the call came in for service. The department arrived quickly on the scene to a smoking silver sedan. River Radio was the first media on the scene to capture the car go up in smoke.

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Flames were visible coming from under the hood, as the department efficiently connected their hoses in the frigid cold to fight the blaze.

“Fire was dispatch/alerted at 10:13 a.m. and on scene at the fire 10:16 a.m. so we were on scene in 2 minutes 33 seconds,” Shawn McKerry, Fire Chief City of Fort Saskatchewan told River Radio. “We are quite pleased with our ability to respond quickly to this event, in hopes we were able to salvage any personal contents that were stored in the vehicle that could have burned up if we were delayed.”

“Weirdly, we have been oddly immune to car fires this year – as this is only the second car fire of the year, where actually our first incident this year only occurred this past Sunday evening,” Chief McKerry added.

The Fort Saskatchewan Fire 🔥 Department is on scene. All under control. What a great team we have in the Fort. Everyone is ok. Everyone goes home safe.-ArtCGreen

Posted by River Radio on Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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The owner of the car watched as his ride went up in smoke, a few short moments later the fire was out. It took the department less than three minutes to respond. A single fire apparatus with three personnel and a supervisor vehicle with a Chief Officer attended the incident and quickly got the fire under control.

The car was a complete loss. There were no injuries.

“No cause of the fire at this time,” Chief McKerry said.

The investigation into the fire continues.

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