Braeden Bumphrey passed away in an accident at the back entrance to Elk Island. Crossroad of Highway 831 & township road 550 in 2015. His loving mother Marianne had placed a memorial cross there hoping that time will heal her pain in dealing with the loss of a child. Now that cross has been stolen, just like her heart was on that sad day in 2015.

“The memorial cross that was made by his father was taken from the site which is not on anyone’s personal property,” Marianne told River Radio.

Marianne says it was taken sometime between late Sept and early October.

“Someone left a letter at the cross in early Sept stating that they were annoyed with it and didn’t want to see it anymore. It was knocked down,” Marianne said. “I found it and put it back in the ground. When we went back last week it was gone along with the gargoyle that sat at the foot of his memorial cross.”

This senseless act has Marianne devastated. The mother would like to have the cross returned.

“I would love to have his cross back and I would love to be able to speak with the person/people who took it,” Marianne said. “I’m not angry, I’m not retaliatory, I would like for them to put my sons face with that cross and to see how something so little means to whoever took it but it is something so huge to me and my heart.”

Do you know where this cross is? Let’s help this grieving mother with its safe return.

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