A new sign from space in Bruderheim is attracting a lot of attention for one local business.

Gord Sheehan is the owner of a small business called Shirgor Enterprices Inc.

Lifting the saucer. Submitted Image

“We have been operating from 5130 -52 Ave in the small town of Bruderheim for almost 15-years making us one of the longest-running same-owner businesses in the town,” Sheehan told River Radio. “We do various things including  Self Storage/warehousing, tools and equipment Sales construction, renovations, landscape tree removal, bobcat services and equipment rental.”

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The Town of Bruderheim is no stranger when it comes to hosting items from space.

Submitted Image

On March 4, 1960, at 1:06 a.m. local time, Canada’s largest recovered meteorite fell near Bruderheim. Almost 700 fragments were collected, and they weighed a whopping 303 kilograms.

The bright flash of the meteor upon entering Earth’s atmosphere was visible for hundreds of kilometres and the sound shock wave of its explosion was audible over some 5000 square kilometres. It is one of 16 recovered meteorites in Alberta.

The Bruderheim meteorite is a chondrite or stony meteorite that probably formed about 4.6 billion years ago during the birth of our solar system. It is composed of the minerals olivine and orthopyroxene, with minor amounts of metallic nickel-iron.

Therefore, the theme of space and the unknown has forever stuck with the small Alberta town. This sparked an idea in Gord’s mind to go on a hunt for a flying saucer. Not a simple task.

“About four years ago I purchased the flying saucer and aliens from a warehouse sale for $400.00,” Sheehan said. “I planned to erect it in Bruderheim, but first we needed to design and engineer it so with the help of General Sign from Edmonton we began the project.”

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Sheehan’s plans had to be set aside when he was involved in an auto accident and after that, a major health problem developed so Sheehan didn’t get back at it till the summer of 2020.

The 1960s style saucer and aliens is 16 feet in diameter with four-foot aliens  mounted on the top. 

“We didn’t’ t even get the unit up when people began to stop to take pictures and comment on it,” Sheehan said. “This was the desired effect we were hoping for as the company advert and attraction.”

River Radio defiantly suggest you go take a selfi with the sign and post it at #BruderheimOutOfThisWorld or #FromSpace


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