December 1st saw the start of NT RCMP’s annual traffic enforcement Operation Gingerbread.  You can expect to see more traffic enforcement activities throughout the month of December by your local detachments and by NT RCMP Traffic Services.

Officers, while following precautionary measures related to COVID-19, will continue to focus on the safety of those travelling on our road systems in the Northwest Territories.

 “We want to maintain a high visibility profile throughout this busy season and educate our drivers on the dangers of driving impaired.  Ultimately, we want to stop impaired driving, so we will conduct traffic check stops and talk to the drivers about the various forms of impaired driving” states Cpl Sam Munden, NT RCMP Traffic Services.

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RCMP will be making people aware that impairment comes in many different ways.  The most recognized form of impaired driving is from alcohol.  Taking drugs, both illegal and prescription can also cause impairment, as can the combination of alcohol and drugs. Driving fatigued or distracted driving can also cause impairment.

Northwest Territories RCMP will continue to use alcohol screening devices in investigating suspected alcohol impairment.  Since the legalization of cannabis, our members have received additional training in the use of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) and Drug Recognition Enforcement (DRE) as the primary enforcement tools against drug-impaired drivers. Paid Advertisement

The annual Operation Gingerbread will see continued traffic enforcement patrols and check stops. The campaign runs from December 1,2020 to January 1, 2020, continues to work towards the goal of preventing people from operating a motor vehicle while impaired and keeping the roads safe over the holidays.

The RCMP will be checking drivers operating off road vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATV’s as Impaired Driving is not only limited to the operation of motor vehicles on road ways.

As always, the public is encouraged to contact their local RCMP Detachment should they suspect or witness an impaired driver on our roadways.

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