Spill the tea with Ms Rabbit talks with local celebrity Jade Tang, best known for her real-life role as a Triplet.

Jade Tang, is a celebrity triplet from a trio called Tang Triplets. The Trio were first photographed by The Edmonton Journal as the cities first naturally born triplets. They have been in the spot light ever since. Jade makes her unique mark in the world as a International model, gifted photographer and works as one of the cities top top Modelling agents. Her lived experiences of gracing top Hong Kong Magazines and modelling for the worlds top designers gives her a advantage when coaching her clients. Lets see what sets her apart from her sisters, makes her a great modelling agent and discover, Jade.

Who is Jade Tang?

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta to parents of Chinese and Ukrainian heritage. I’m one in a set of identical triplets.

My parents were always the go-getters, very business-oriented, and creative. My parents brought us up to never give up and that when we fall, we get right back up and try again.

Starting a business with my mother for five years and modelling over the years helped shape me to be an independent, strong woman and to always say yes to opportunities. I learned to try different things in life and to challenge myself to be a better version of who I am today.

Canada has a growing mixed, halves and biracial population. What advice do you have for others with mixed heritages?

We haven’t face too many challenges in our lives as a bi-racial minority. However, I think I can say in high school we were racially profiled, being as we were close to other Asians in Edmonton. We were looked at differently and the school would have a close eye on us checking our lockers and bags every so often. I feel my dad being of full Chinese heritage, he faced racism more in his past, especially when Pandemic began, the racial stare down has been frequent and racism against Asians is high on social media.

Anyone of mixed heritage should be proud of having to be “different.” We should let the world know we are as equal as everyone else.

What experiences can you share about modelling international?

My sisters and I were scouted a few times before we decided to take the leap and give it a try. Our career changed a lot after going international and being a triplet opened a lot of different doors for us as well. However, as we grew up I stayed in the modelling industry, wanted to educate the young models on my experience and help them grow.

The agencies I was with mentored me on the ins and outs of the industry. During my time spent in my hometown, I gained experience doing promotional work for top brand name companies such as Wriggles. My runway shows included Canada’s top fashion designer Paul Hardy. Also includes fashion segments on City TV for Ben Sherman and Marc Jacobs in my repertoire.

I also have done spreads for ‘Blush’ ‘Freq’ ‘Vue Weekly’ magazines to name a few. Along with getting hired in the fashion world, I was branching out in the motion picture industry as well, contributing as an extra in my first movie titled ‘Christmas in Wonderland’. My second movie role was in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, a blockbuster film by Twentieth Century Fox.

After graduating from school, I passionately decided to elevate my career to the next level and move to Asia to become an international model. I succeeded in obtaining a contract with one of Asia’s top agencies. Working within the Asian industry conditioned me on how to work within some of the toughest conditions with some of the biggest critics.

In Hong Kong, I landed my first five-page spread in the worldwide fashion magazine, Elle. After returning to Canada, I starred in a short film along with my sisters called Tang Factum. It was directed by Candice Breitz of Johannesburg, South Africa. Immediately afterwards I was a contestant on the televised Ford’s Top Model Search Canada. During the television stint, I worked closely with Maybelline, Redkin, and Diesel brands.

As a result of my experience working in the fashion and entertainment industry, I had founded my agency called Vivi Bombshell & JMJ Models. In March 2016 I merged my agencies with Numa Models worked there for almost 3 years & now work for an amazing agency called World Management.

Jade Tang (photo submitted)

Can you share more on your life and projects?

I have been an agent for a little over nine years now, however, in the last four years I have evolved the photography business. I do have a project I am working on once that is launched I will be able to talk more about it on my social media platforms, which I am quite excited about.

How have you survived Covid? What have you done during this bizarre time in world history?

When the lockdown happened it was difficult as I feel every business was trying to figure out ways to work around the new normal, ensuring there were safety measures in place and to make it safe and comfortable for everyone.

I have stayed very close to family & selected friends to keep me sane during these bizarre times. However, I stayed as positive as possible &

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How can models best reach you?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jadetang3/

Tiktok & Snap: www.tiktok.com/@jadetang3

Personal contact information: jade.tang3@gmail.com

Agency contact information: jade@worldmanagement.ca

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