Our Marketing Manager, Trish the Dish Colley, is setting out on a quest to find the top ten places that serve fries and gravy in the Fort.

Colley’s quest for greasy goodness will require a bit of sloppy eating, but she’s up for the challenge in Fort Saskatchewan. I mean who doesn’t like fries and gravy? She is taking one for the team. So you can make the best choice.

“Well I saw a post on Facebook about someone asking for the best fries and gravy,” Colley said. “I thought to myself who has actually tried all these place to find out for sure.”

Colley says she won’t stop eating fries and gravy in Fort Saskatchewan till she finds the top ten. Arthur C. Green/River Radio

This is what is set Colley’s motivation to eat all the fries and gravy she can get to help make the choice.

Colley says she is a picky eater and when it comes to the quality of foods she eats and has vast experience in the food industry, having served for over ten years.

“I have over ten years experience in fine dining and I have a good pallet for it,” Colley said. “There is nothing worse than going for comfort food to only be disappointed on the quality of it.”

That’s why fries and gravy is first on the list, Colley says.

Colley has a keen eye when it comes to fried spuds. She has a list and yes she will tick it twice. Her first impression will be the crispiness of the fries, if there was seasoning added, the size of the portions and the price.

Colley will even grade the cut of the fries for you, plating appearance and yes, the colour of the gravy.

Stayed tuned Fort Saskatchewan it’s about to get steamy with Craving the Rave with Trish the Dish.

“I’m not afraid of food,” Colley said. “Food is afraid of me.”


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