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Jacqueline Buffalo is a Cree woman from “Akamihk” (Cree word for Montana First Nation) located in Maskwacis AB. She is a model, actress and MMIW advocate. Over the pandemic, she has become quite popular on the social media app Tik Tok. 

Buffalo started using Tik Tok at the start of the pandemic. “Back in April 2020 after the pandemic started and was immediately hooked.” Said Buffalo 

She says. “I didn’t know what Tik Toc. My daughter downloaded the Tik Tok app on her cell phone.”

“When my daughter got her own phone.  I just kept the app on my cell and decided to make a few videos. I didn’t think anyone would see it.” Said Buffalo 

She says, “Suddenly my Tik Tok was getting a lot of views and likes. The rest is history.”

Buffalo explains, “I’m glad the app was there. I have had so many people message me or comment about how they love how I interact with them online. I try my best to interact with my followers in a positive way. I let people know they are not alone in such a crappy time in history” 

“The pandemic is hard on a lot of people. So, having Tik Tok kept me and my kids busy.” Said Buffalo

When describing her Tik Tok content style she says, “It’s mainly comedy and sharing aspects of my culture. During the pandemic, I felt the world needed my humour and good vibes.”

“I like to blend my culture with some of my styles. However, there are some sacred aspects of Cree culture she prefers not to  share on social media,” said Buffalo

9th Annual Hate to Hope, Edmonton Alberta

“I am a huge supporter in bringing awareness to Indigenous issues as well as Indigenous Artists. I’m involved in a native Tik Tok group called #Reztok created by Zachary Mann @Neighbourhoodneechie. We are a group of indigenous content creators that are involved in indigenous education, comedy and art.” 

Buffalo says, “the most popular is the GFD Dave Tik Tok, today it stands at 590.0K likes and 2.4 million views”

Jacqueline Buffalo

“I recently made another viral video a few days ago that is currently standing at 37,000 likes and 159,000 views. Like I said I never plan on any of them to go viral. I just post what I think is funny at the time.” Said Buffalo 

world management

Beyond Tik Tok Buffalo has become a vocal advocate for vulnerable communities. She was a keynote speaker at the 9th Inaugural “Hate to Hope” with Alberta Indigenous Minister Rick Wilson in Edmonton Alberta. 

On Sept 16, 2020, when Ponoka was in the midst of a public battle between two non-local groups. Buffalo was a local who came out to defend Ponoka and Montana First Nation by speaking at “Ponoka for Peace Rally”. Lacombe-Ponoka MLA Ron Orr also spoke at the event that was organized by “Hate to Hope”

She is launching off the success of her advocacy and collaborating with Joe Kootenay and Noland Arcand on raising awareness for Canada’s Missing and Murdered Women in the spring of this year.

She says, “I am a model with world management. My Model Agent is Mat Tomczyk. I have been with World Management since 2019 and an actress with Wendy Lumby who owns “faces of Wendy.”. 

“So as you can see I have many things on the go. I am also a wife and a mother with a full-time job as a Consultation Assistant with Montana First Nation.” Said Buffalo You can check out Jacqueline Buffalo on Tik Tok, @jacquelinebuffalo (Link:

Chevi Rabbit, River Radio News Writer

Chevi Rabbit, Human Rights Advocate and Contributing Writer

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