Arthur C. Green-Journalist/CEO

Arthur C. Green is the founder of our team. He is our lead journalist and is from Whitbourne Newfoundland. Green graduated from the CNA Journalism Program. Arthur also studied Business Marketing and  Political Science with a minor in European Studies at Memorial University in Essex England and St. John’s  Newfoundland. Green has worked as a spot news photographer/journalist  with such news organizations as CBC, CBC Radio, CKLB Radio, VistaRadio, NTV, Saltwire and Postmedia in Alberta. He has also been published in National Geographic and shoots fashion photography in his spare time. Yes, he sounds Irish. His favorite event of all time was covering Hockey Day in Canada for a week North of 60 but lived in the NWT for almost a year where he captured amazing shots of wildlife and the northern lights.

Jason Sheppard-Journalist

 Experienced, energetic staff writer with a demonstrated history of  working in the print news media industry. Published in print and online.  Skilled in research, photography, article writing, copy editing,  interviewing (celebrity and non-celebrity), writing business profiles,  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Audacity, WordPress, Wix and  Joomla. Strong media and communication professional from College of the  North Atlantic. Encyclopedic knowledge of films/the film industry/ TV.  Wicked lasagna maker 

Trish Colley-Sheppard-Marketing Representative

Let’s get straight to it! I’m Trisha, but you all can call me Trish! I’d like to start off with how humbled and thankful I am to announce myself as the newest team player for River Radio more formally known as their new Marketing Representative, how exciting!

A little bit about me, you may have seen me around town as I’ve been a member and resident of Fort Saskatchewan since 2009.

I love to face paint and as such, I’ve found myself gravitating towards donating my time and supplies to paint the children’s faces within and around our community. Either at fundraisers like the baseball beer leagues for Stollery hospital or for preschools, elementary schools as well as birthday parties and other community events.

Lauren Scott-Morning Show Co-Host

Tune in Monday and Friday at 7:30 a.m. to hear “Get ER Going!!”

Hi there! My name is Lauren Scott. I hail from the East Coast of Canada but I enjoy every minute of the beauty that the West Coast has to offer.  I’m newish here (2016) but I have anchored here in the Fort with my two children.  I am passionate about fitness, health, wellness and I am on a continued path of betterment in mind, body and spirit. Community involvement is important to me and I enjoy giving my time for the greater good. I am super excited and totally grateful to be able to help Fort Saskatchewan ‘Get ER Going in the Mornings’ on River Radio….lot’s of good things to come 


Tony Stacey-DJ

Originally from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, I moved to the prosperous land of Alberta in the spring of 2006 during the famous Oil Boom days. While I never worked in the “patch” I spent two good years in Fort McMurray before calling Fort Saskatchewan home in 2008. I had various jobs over the years but in 2012 was fortunate enough to land a job at a new radio start up called Mix 107.9 FM where I started as a drive show host DJ before moving to the Morning Show. I left the radio station in 2017. 

What can I say about myself? Well, I am a big nerd as some might say. I love videogames, movies, playing guitar, biking and I do play sports from time to time like hockey and basketball. Outside of that I live a pretty quiet life and I’m always in pursuit of the next big adventure. 

Chevi Rabbitt- Spill the Tea with Ms. Rabbitt Column Writer

River Radio is super exited to add Ms. Rabbitt to our team.

My name is Chevy Rabbitt originally from small town Ponoka. I currently live in Edmonton and Ponoka. I wear many hats in the province and I’ve cultivated a great network of friends who doing their part to make Alberta great.  I’m excited to be a columnist for River Radio in Fort Saskatchewan.

I’ll share a little about who I am.  I have been a human rights advocate for almost a decade. A makeup artist for well over 15 years. I’ve worked for all local fashion shows and I’ve coordinated many amazing charity fashion shows. I’m a professional student in terms of that I follow my passion in whatever peaks my interest. After high school I studied at Red Deer College and graduated from hospitality and tourism management majoring in marketing. I studied at Marvel college for makeup and aesthetics. I’ve attended my maskwacis cultural college for a bit and wandered university of Alberta for six years finally  finding my passion in Native Studies. I also briefly studied at the university of British Columbia for indigenous studies.

I am currently still in my undergraduate wandering into communications. I believe if you have a passion, have a  idea,  or find something interesting, just dive into it and get lost in it and come out the other side with new perspectives, insight into communities, people and life. I’ve been very successful in following my passion and in a great project that helps others. Over the years I received a number of awards and distinctions from the Alberta government and the City of Edmonton. I’ve been given the hate crime awareness award of Alberta from the solicitor general, name top 25 human rights Advocate from the premier of Alberta,

I’m the first transgender & two spirit top 40 under 40 recipients of Avenue Magazine, and I have been acknowledged at the legislator of Alberta on eight occasions by various MLA’s.

Carter Lake

Fort Saskatchewan resident Carter Lake has been turning heads with his sportscast videos on social media. River Radio loves his sportscasts so much that we decided to give him his very byline on our webpage. We love making Carter a part of the River Radio team and look forward to his insightful sports coverage.